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Financial Advisor Stole Aunts Money

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The state is: MS

My Aunts financial advisor admittedly spent their money on credit card debts, mortgage payments and other similar debts. She also admitted that the aunts begged her to take the money and she paid them back a percentage return off of the new monies(fraud) they invested with her. She stated that the aunts loaned her the money as part of the debentures investment instrument she put together and that she did not have to pay it back. We have had a lawyer involved for 4 yrs. now, and she has offered a settlement of $50,000 up front and $25,000 a year until the debt is payed off. We were told that since we were suing to get the money back that we could not also file crimminal charges. The amount stolen, squandered or whatever you want to call it was 1.2 million dollars. What can we do about this?

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      What can we do about this?
      WOW! Lots of things come to mind..... and without ALL the facts, they are generally:

      1) Where is her bonding company during all this?

      2) Has anyone checked into criminal charges against her?

      3) If this has in fact taken four years of no action or process, get another attorney. The SOL on her fraud may (or may have already) run out. Talk with another attorney NOW!

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